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  • Essential Oil Kit for Animals

    Learn how to use essential oils with your animals. Essential oils can safely be used with animals. Some great recipes and protocols to help your pet with everyday needs.

  • Essential Oils for Babies

    Essential oils are helpful to everyone in the family including your babies.

  • Essential Oils for Kids

    Essential oils are helpful to everyone in the family including your kids.

  • Essential Oils for Cleaning

    Get rid of harsh chemicals.

  • Essential Oils for Menopause

    Essential oils are helpful to everyone in the family including women. Learn some great protocols.

  • Essential Oils for Your Monthly Cycle

    Learn about essential oils and usage to help you with your monthly cycle.

  • Essential Oils for Pollen Relief

    Great tips to get relief from the seasonal pollen allergies.

  • Essential Oils Digestive Support

    Gut health is so important. Learn some protocols that can help you achieve this.

  • Essential Oils for Reflexology

    Essential oils and reflexology go hand in hand.

  • Essential Oils for Heart Health

    Some helpful tips on essential oils and cardio. Great protocols to have a healthier lifestyle.

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  • Meet Terri - EO Expert

    Hi, I have lived all over the United States, however I now reside in sunny Arizona with my spouse. I am a Certified Essential Oil Coach and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. I attained this thru The Essential Oil Institute accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and taught by Dr. Josh Axe. I am also a NAHA Certified Level 2 Aromatherapist. I have been using plant based products since 2012 in my everyday living. Yes just like you I was looking for a better sense of well being. Working 60 hours a week in a tech job and not taking care of myself I realized there were alternatives. I am here to share them with you. After years of knowledge and getting into other alternatives to a healthier lifestyle, I chose plant based products like essential oils and everyday products that have no chemicals in them. Because of this I have managed to create a better sense of well being for myself, my family and others. My goal is to ensure you have the knowledge to empower yourself with choices for a better healthier lifestyle.