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White Grapefruit Wise

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Happy New Year, friend! Ahead of us stretch three hundred sixty-some days of the year 2023. What will you do with yours? Would an energizing sensory boost toward positivity and confidence help you get off to the right start? Well, from the gorgeous Mediterranean land of Greece comes dōTERRA® White Grapefruit, ready to do just that.

When you think White Grapefruit, think detoxification. With classic cleansing properties and the capacity to curb cravings, this deliciously fresh citrus oil is uplifting in multiple ways! You may be accustomed to hearing the word grapefruit modified by the color pink or red; well, just consider white grapefruit a tart sibling to that fruit you already know. While their external colors may differ, they’re very similar chemically. And if you’ve explored the uses of citrus oils, you’ve noticed that once you learn the basics, they tend to apply to the whole family. For example, in the same way a drop of Lemon, Lime, or Wild Orange oil can freshen up a room or enliven a glass of tea, White Grapefruit performs those same tricks with its own unique twist.

The country of Greece, where dōTERRA White Grapefruit essential oil is cold pressed from fruit rinds, boasts some of the highest quality citrus trees in the world. The fruits grow to ripeness on Mediterranean farms where they are lovingly tended by multigenerational farming families who know good produce when they see it. Greek culture and cuisine reflects this deep appreciation for high-quality fruits, so knowing that this is where our White Grapefruit oil comes from is a meaningful fact!

Morning is a great time to diffuse White Grapefruit, while preparing for the day. Breathe in the extra energy and support wrapped up in this light, sweet aroma.

Sunshine Spice

• 3 drops White Grapefruit

• 2 drops Tangerine

• 2 drops Cinnamon Bark

A drop of White Grapefruit oil makes a tart, cheerful addition to lemonade, water, or tea. You might also use it to help calm unpleasant feelings surrounding digestion, or to keep a rambunctious appetite at bay throughout the day. Enjoy White Grapefruit aromatically or internally, knowing that it can help stretch out the time between meals by promoting feelings of fullness and satisfaction.

Citrusy Spectrum

• 2 drops White Grapefruit

• 2 drops Green Mandarin

• 2 drops Wild Orange

To freshen up your environment, place a drop or two of White Grapefruit into a drain in need of sweetness, or add to a spray bottle to be used for surface cleaning. You can also apply White Grapefruit oil beauty wise, incorporating it into your skin and haircare regimens. Add a dewy drop to shampoo or conditioner to benefit from the oil’s cleansing properties in conjunction with a fruity, inviting aroma. Note that citrus oils are best used in evening skincare routines, to avoid daytime photosensitivity concerns.

As you head into this new year, I’m hopeful it will hold new treasures of wisdom for you. Like Grecian-grown White Grapefruit oil, may your 2023 be fresh and sweet!