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Victorious Laurel Leaf

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Take courage. Boy, do we all need to hear those two words, especially when the challenges of life seem overwhelming and insurmountable! If you’ve spent any length of time around dōTERRA® people or products, you’ve likely gathered the general idea that nature contains a huge variety of aromas that speak to our deepest emotions. Not only that, but the chemical constituents behind these pleasing aromas affect the mind and body in tangible ways. So, in a world that seems to require more confidence and boldness from us every day, we have good reason to seek out those oils that encourage us to take heart and run the race like a victor. If all this positivity appeals to you, join me on a journey right now to the lush region of the Mediterranean, native home to an exclusive oil called Laurel Leaf.

At least two uses of laurel, a warmth-loving evergreen shrub, are commonplace enough to help us draw a connection to something familiar. Laurel leaves, recognizable in the traditional wreaths of victory worn on the heads of ancient Greeks after athletic games, still symbolize rank and achievement; and they’re known as bay leaves in the culinary world. Isn’t your grandmother’s tried-and-true chicken soup recipe flooding back to your mind at the mention of the bay leaf? While the laurel leaf itself flavors soups and stews nicely, Laurel Leaf essential oil is renowned for refreshing and cleansing with an invigorating aroma. Let dōTERRA Laurel Leaf cleanse both your skin and the most used surfaces in your home; it’s that gentle and powerful at the same time. To apply Laurel Leaf to the skin, add a drop to your moisturizer, shower, or massage. To clean house, pop a few drops of Laurel Leaf into a spray bottle with water (toss in a drop of Lemon, if you’re feeling in the mood) and get to freshening every stale surface in sight!

Most importantly, herbal, minty Laurel Leaf promotes a courageous attitude. One of its chemical constituents, eucalyptol, seems to clear the airway for a breath deep enough to revive the senses and bring clarity. Clarity combines with courage and confidence to remind you why you’re in it to win it.

Race to the Finish

• 2 drops Laurel Leaf

• 2 drops Pink Pepper

• 2 drops Green Mandarin

So picture the above diffuser blend billowing forth, along with the mental image of a laurel- wreathed victor on an ancient Olympic podium, heart pounding after winning the race of his life. You’re pumped and ready for action yourself! Who knew that a bottle of oil could inspire such an introspective look at the areas where we most need courage, and help us address them with increased clarity. Laurel Leaf speaks to those deep emotions within, and it’s currently available only for a limited time as a special promotion. You may spot the name of this victorious little leaf within a blend now and again, but chances to own it as a single oil are rare, making this the moment to bring home all the glory and honor that is Laurel Leaf.