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The Magnolia Balance

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Fragrant and graceful, magnolia flowers are beloved as a symbol of spring’s arrival. They thrive in the bright sunlight, blossoming beautifully when their time comes. And twice a year, first in the summer and then again in the late fall or early winter, their time comes to be harvested for our benefit. The alluring, sturdy magnolia blossoms are picked from the tree by hand either early in the morning or late in the evening, then spread them out to dry for a few hours beforethe steam distillation process begins.

The magnolia flower is quite the world traveler: it thrives in South Asia, the islands of the Pacific, and North America! Grown in China, the variety of magnolia from which dōTERRA® sources Magnolia Touch is also known as the white jade orchid tree. These flowers have long been used in traditional Chinese health practices to create balance in the body; and the petals’ essential oil is a coveted ingredient in high-end perfumes due to their low yield. Low yield simply means it takes more flowers and more work to obtain the oil, leading to a higher value. Other low yield flowers include Jasmine and Rose, both of which are also considered particularly precious and valuable due to the work required to extract their essential oils.

As it turns out, Magnolia blends exceptionally well with those fellow low-yield, high-value oils. Magnolia is also high in linalool, a chemical known for soothing both the skin and the emotions; this is the same chemical that dominates other calming oils such as Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Bergamot. Magnolia Touch is super easy to blend with other oils because it rolls right onto the skin with the perfectly balanced amount of Fractionated Coconut Oil, making each drop go farther than it could on its own. Use this indulgent tropical flower roll-on to soothe and moisturize the skin, to combat anxious feelings, and to prepare the senses for rest at bedtime. For stressful moments during the day, opt first for the wrists and pulse points; for bedtime prep, focus on those hard working feet that are so ready to be massaged and elevated. Treating your feet to their daily dose of dōTERRA gives them the honor they are due, since they are prime areas of the body for soaking up the soothing properties of essential oils.

Did I mention yet that the blossoms of the white jade orchid tree carry a faint aroma of champagne? Attractive and sweetly scented, magnolia blossoms have traditionally represented such qualities as beauty, dignity, respect, and purity. Combine fragrance with symbolism, and Magnolia Touch is basically the ideal all-natural personal fragrance. Roll on to the wrists, inner elbows, throat, or behind the ears to surround yourself with this exquisitely fragrant and fruity floral. Perfume that doubles as an all-natural supporter of a healthy mindset is a win-win!

Let’s bounce back to the skin for a moment. When your skin is in search of comfort, reach for Magnolia Touch to address multiple factors at once: this oil can soothe, refresh, clean, and hydrate. Do you dare ditch a few expensive tubs of not-so-natural store-bought skin products to see what Magnolia Touch can do for you? Magnolia is both a calming oil with which to start your day and a relaxing one to inhale at the end of the day, meaning that your skincare routine can mesh seamlessly with either your morning and evening routine, whichever you prefer.

Alluring and sturdy, the very appearance of the magnolia blossom tips us off as to the nature of its precious essential oil. Perfectly balanced Magnolia Touch delivers glowing skin while gently opening and steadying the emotions. The time has come to handpick unmistakably floral and fruity Magnolia Touch and to carry its fragrance with you wherever you go.