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Surprised by Bergamot

· Essential Oils
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Do you make a habit of enjoying a steaming hot cup of tea? If so, chances are you’re acquainted with an encouraging essential oil derived from a lesser-known member of the citrus family. Interestingly, this fruit is rarely consumed due to its extremely bitter flavor profile. The fruit is none other than bergamot! Don’t be shy about pronouncing that last letter sound: bur-guh-maat.

Given the bergamot’s surprising bite, you may find it a bit ironic to learn that it is actually the most delicate of the citrus plants. It requires a special climate and soil combination in order to thrive. But what bergamot lacks in pleasant flavor on the tongue, it makes up for in aromatic benefits. Cold pressed from the rind, dōTERRA Bergamot essential oil shines with uplifting, assuring qualities that make it a go-to oil for reducing feelings of stress and brightening mood.

One easy way to enjoy the benefits of Bergamot is to add a drop directly to your regular tea, transforming your concoction into Earl Grey tea. That’s right, bergamot is the key ingredient in this well-known variety of tea! Fun stories swirl around the history of this drink. Some say it was created by accident when Chinese diplomats shipped bergamot fruits along with tea to Earl Grey, infusing the tea with the essence of bergamot during shipment. Other stories abound; but regardless of how it originated two centuries ago, Earl Grey fans continue in their dedication to this unique blend.

Whether you choose to infuse your tea with it or you prefer to enjoy Bergamot’s aromatic benefits through diffusing or topical application, you’ll notice a spicy citrus scent accompanied by light floral notes. It’s no wonder bergamot was used as an ingredient in the first eau de cologne! Another wise use for Bergamot is in the realm of peaceful sleep. For a calming, relaxing massage before bed, apply a few drops with a soothing foot rub. Dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil for a massage that will cover more surface area. You can also experience Bergamot’s assuring, restorative nature by placing 2 drops on a cotton ball and tucking it under your pillowcase before slumber.

Is Bergamot’s distinctive aroma on its own not quite your cup of tea? Perhaps you’ll find it more palatable as just one component in a wider blend, letting it fill the room in concert with other oils. Experience Bergamot’s enchantment in the following diffuser blend:


2 drops Bergamot

2 drops Cedarwood

1 drop Patchouli

Purifying and cleansing, Bergamot can make a perfect addition to your shower gel. As an added bonus, it also fills the shower room with a calming, natural fragrance. How fascinating that this fruit, rarely eaten and easily cast aside for sweeter citrus options, offers us an essential oil with such an array of benefits. Give Bergamot a chance to shine, and get ready to be surprised!