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Queen Rose

· Essential Oils
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The mere mention of Rose - be it the fragrance, the color, the oil, or the flower itself - is enough to conjure up enchantingly romantic thoughts. Rose in its many forms is globally beloved for its sweetness; and it holds the title of queen among both flowers and essential oils. Fortunately, dōTERRA® packages up this beauty for us as Rose Touch, an on-the-go roller bottle of exclusive Rose essential oil combined with just the right amount of Fractionated Coconut Oil. While we agree there is an overwhelming temptation to simply inhale the fragrance or douse ourselves in its perfume and remain content with those initial uses, let’s be practical and level-headed enough to fully explore all this precious floral oil is capable of!

To be sure, we’re far from the first people to prize Rose. Dine with Persian, Middle Eastern, or Indian friends, and you’ll discover rose water has long been a widely used culinary ingredient. Ask around to see if you have an international friend willing to hook you up with a dish that’s been touched with the sweet flavor of rose! While you ponder exactly how that would hit your taste buds, let’s examine ways to use Rose Touch externally to promote wellness within.

First off, know that the Rose oil contained within Rose Touch comes to us from vast flower fields in the enchanting Eastern European country of Bulgaria. Procuring a bottle of undiluted Rose oil is, shall we say, challenging - we’re talking at least 10,000 delicate rose blossoms for one 5 mL bottle! This explains why Rose Touch is such a gift to those who crave the benefits of these precious petals. Have you considered removing the roller tip from a bottle of Rose Touch and including it by the drop in recipes calling for Rose essential oil? Give it a try: start by placing a few drops of Rose Touch into a warm bath for a luxurious, intensely fragrant retreat.

Now on to a brief litany of Rose’s abilities: roll on Rose Touch to promote positive feelings, ease sensations of occasional discomfort, increase passion, calm the skin, and balance the emotions. Rose is known as an intimate oil with properties that are connective, radiant, and boosting to energy and vitality. There’s nothing not to love about it!

As everyone gets up at once to grab their diffusers and get Rose pumping through their spaces and airways at all costs, hang on a second. Fractionated Coconut Oil belongs on your skin as a vehicle to dilute essential oils; it generally does not belong in your diffuser. However, in the case of Rose Touch, one might…just might…choose to make an occasional exception. If you don’t have dōTERRA Rose on hand, in all the glory of its 10,000 steam-distilled blossoms, your diffuser would probably survive a brief soiree with Rose Touch. Obviously, that’s a judgment call for you to make. But when confronted with a diffuser blend like this one containing the marriage of King Frankincense and Queen Rose, we certainly wouldn’t blame you for making the swap in a pinch!

Royal Rose

2 drops Frankincense

2 drops Rose

1 drop Myrrh

Adored for thousands of years and universally recognized as a symbol of love, beauty, and seduction, Rose has never been easier to access and enjoy than right now. Treat yourself like royalty with the effortless elegance of dōTERRA Rose Touch!