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On the Road with dōTERRA

· Essential Oils
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A new school year is starting, which means the annual kickoff of myriad fall activities and programs, from sports to music and beyond. For some of us, this transition will lead to more time on the road than was undertaken during the long, lazy days of summer! Let’s discuss some easy ways to make your time in the car more refreshing. Focusing today on Mediterranean-sourced Laurel Leaf essential oil, we’ll unlock ideas on how to freshen up those portable spaces we call our personal vehicles.

Laurel leaves are recognizable in the traditional wreaths of victory worn on the heads of ancient Greeks after athletic games, but did you know the laurel leaf is also called a bay leaf in the culinary world? Not only does this leaf flavor soups and stews nicely, its essential oil also refreshes and cleans stale-smelling spaces and surfaces with an invigorating aroma. Herbal, minty Laurel Leaf promotes a courageous attitude; and while some could use more confidence behind the wheel, others of us are perhaps overly courageous in the driver’s seat. In that case, reach for your most calming oils for the following project!

Car Oil Diffuser & Air Freshener

You’ll need:

7–8 wool felt balls
Ribbon or twine
dōTERRA Laurel Leaf and/or other essential oils of choice

Thread a large sewing needle with enough thread for seven to eight felt balls. Pierce through the center of each wool felt ball until you have enough to make a complete circle. Knot the thread between the connecting wool felt balls to form a circle. Cut a length of ribbon or twine long enough to fit over your rear-view mirror. Thread it through the circle and tie it off at the top. Cut off any excess twine or ribbon. Add a drop of your essential oil of choice to each ball and hang your new oil diffuser in the car!

To get creative with this idea, use a few oils at once for a unique scent. When you’re ready to change the environment in your vehicle to uplift, energize, or calm you, simply create a new aromatic bouquet by adding different oils to the wool felt. If you’d rather not hang the homemade oil diffuser on your rearview mirror, you can keep it in a cup holder or hang it in the back using one of the hanger hooks. Your passengers will enjoy discovering the secret to your delicious smelling back seat!

Before we take our separate roads, here’s a tip: When traveling across time zones, be sure to tuck your bottles of dōTERRA Lavender and Rosemary into your luggage. Simply add 8 drops of each to the tub for a relaxing bath. Follow up with a quick, cold shower to get you feeling refreshed and ready to adjust mentally and physically to the new time zone.

Pleasant travels!