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Last Drop DIYs

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This season, people can be found cleaning out corners and sorting their belongings into piles labeled give, sell, and toss. Have you set aside a creative recycling pile for the various empty dōTERRA® bottles you’ve accumulated? If so, get excited; and if not, start using them today. These two fun, satisfying project ideas are a little nonstandard in that they don’t actually call for any specific oils. They simply utilize the empty bottles which you may or may not have ever considered putting to good use! 

Those adorable brown bottles beg for you to do something with them, but you’re not sure what. Hang onto them so you can draw out every last lingering aroma and create your own unique Last Drop Diffuser Liquid! We’re about to see just how not empty those bottles really are. Remove the lids and plastic stoppers, then place bottles inside a jar or pitcher and fill the large container with water. After the bottles sit for at least 10 minutes (or overnight if you can be patient enough), the water will be deliciously infused with those last few drops of oil that were adhering to the insides of the bottles. Use your oil-infused water to fill the diffusers around your house. I can’t tell you what aromas will characterize your blend; you’ll have to see what you come up with and name it accordingly! At this point, you can recycle those brown bottles in any way you like, knowing they were good down to the very last drop.

Our next project utilizes an empty dōTERRA supplement bottle (the size that contains Veggie Caps). After you’ve been revitalized by the supplements contained within, use the container to invite birds into your relaxing outdoor space where you can observe the surrounding beauty.

To put together a Nature Feeder, you’ll need:

  • Empty dōTERRA supplement bottle with lid (Veggie Cap bottle, for example)
  • Another lid at least 1 inch wider than the base of your bottle
  • Drill
  • Paint color of choice (optional but fun)
  • Twine or rope
  • Wire (optional)
  • Glue gun
  • Bird seeds

Drill four equally spread apart holes near the bottom of the supplement bottle. Make sure the holes are big enough for a variety of seeds to pass through, so as not to frustrate your bird friends. Drill one hole in the center of the supplement bottle lid. If desired, paint your large lid along with the supplement bottle in desired color scheme. Make a loop of twine by pulling both ends through the hole in the smaller lid, then tying a knot in the bottom so it doesn’t pull through. Glue bottom of bottle to inside of larger lid, creating a ledge to hold the birdseed. To decorate the feeder, wrap wire around the bottom of the twine. Open the bottle lid, fill with seeds, and hang feeder in your favorite birdwatching spot. Now wait for some flying visitors to taste the feast you’ve spread for them.

Let these resourceful ideas excite your environmentally conscious senses, opening your eyes to new ways of reusing and recycling the packaging that allows you to do life with dōTERRA!