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Hello, Sunshine!

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Adventuring into nature is bound to take you out into the bright sun, where the beautiful landscape is illuminated. But unfortunately, the sun delivers a lot more than just illumination; and natural-minded shoppers have long been searching for the perfect alternative to chemically disruptive sunscreens. Sure, these products prevent sunburn, but at a harmful cost. Good news! The dōTERRA® you’ve come to love and trust is rolling out a new sun line to keep you covered. This brand new sun care line is already making a splash in the world of all-natural sun protection, and it’s full of oh-so-good ingredients. Here are this summer’s shiny new products to get you and your loved ones max time safely soaking up those rays!

Let’s kick things off with dōTERRA sun Body Mineral Sunscreen Spray, formulated with non- nano zinc oxide and delivering lightweight SPF 30 UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection. The new sun line’s mineral-based sun protection spray benefits your skin in more ways than one, and it’s sure to be the only sunscreen on the beach containing aloe vera, vitamin E, and a powerful blend of essential oils including Carrot Seed, Frankincense, and Helichrysum! Nourish your skin with this spray, knowing that it is free of oxybenzone, paraben, and phthalates (you can take my word for it that this is a very good thing). And with essential oils onboard, it almost goes without saying: there are no synthetic fragrances in this spray. Traveling to a protected reef zone on vacation? This sunscreen spray is also reef-safe, and of course, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. dōTERRA sun Body Mineral Sunscreen Spray comes packaged in an aluminum non-aerosol spray bottle created for easy, all-over coverage. Use this new summer friend every day, and for every age! Just be sure to shake well, apply liberally 15 minutes ahead of sun exposure, rub in, and reapply frequently.

Someone pinch me; we’re talking about sun protection with minerals and essential oils that nourishes and moisturizes! Next up, we’ll take a look at the sun line’s Face + Body Mineral Sunscreen Lotion. Fortunately for the lucky ones, not so fortunately for the rest of us, this product is already sold out for the time being. This lotion delivers all the same things as the spray does (see above), except in flip-cap lotion form. While some prefer the spray form, others prefer lotion; and it’s great that dōTERRA has anticipated and honored both preferences. Rub on, reapply, and soak up the sun with this new sunscreen lotion covering you and your loved ones from head to toe.

As you may have noticed on the company website, this next item in the lineup was clearly a dream come true for many; it sold out first and extremely quickly. We sure hope there will be more of this product on the way! The Face + Body Mineral Sunscreen Stick is everything it sounds like, which explains why it was snatched up at the speed of light. This stick bumps up the protection level to SPF 40 UVA/UVB broad-spectrum, and it couldn’t be easier to apply to the face. Our delicate facial skin craves everything this stick, packaged in a twist-up tube that fits comfortably in the hand, has to offer.

So we’ve covered the new sun line items; now, for the coming-soon item! Restorative Spray, which will include Copaiba, Lavender, Peppermint, Helichrysum, and Frankincense, is a plant- based soother for weathered skin. The mere listing of those oils in the context of after-sun application is enough to bring on a contented sigh and a feeling of comfort. With all of these new products in your beach bag or adventuring pack, or at least the ones you can currently get your hands on, you’re good to go for loads of summer fun!

Puzzle no more about how to enjoy the great outdoors without slathering your skin with harmful, disruptive chemicals. Poolside, beachside, or mountainside, be protected with dōTERRA’s brand-new natural mineral sun care line.