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Enduring Vetiver

· Essential Oils
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A peaceful breeze blows by, wakening you from a restful afternoon nap. Do you open your eyes to find yourself relaxing in a porch hammock, or did your dōTERRA® Vetiver diffuser blend just make you think so? We need to find out more about this oil, known in some circles as the Oil of Tranquility, because we could all use a little more peace in our daily lives.

Vetiver’s roots are a perfect place to start our study. The roots of the hearty vetiver plant, which appears above ground as a thick green grass, grow straight down into an equally thick underground tangle. This subterranean root bunch is distilled to create an essential oil with an uncanny ability to balance and root the emotions. There is an undeniable feeling of serenity and tranquility associated with being deeply rooted, isn’t there? To take your appreciation of Vetiver to a whole new level, consider the fact that vetiver grass provides a stabilizing effect to the soil around it by preventing erosion.

Vetiver essential oil has both cosmetic and household applications. On a personal level, it’s a welcome first-string addition to any relaxing bath. The aroma of Vetiver is reassuring, and its regenerative nature makes it a good addition to your daily skin care routine, as well. Looking for a signature fragrance that will evoke descriptors such as enduring and grounding? Apply Vetiver to the neck and wrists, and become known by these aromatic qualities which also double as admirable character traits.

The best method to take advantage of Vetiver’s relaxing capabilities around the house involves your trusty diffuser. With this small, powerful machine, you can easily and quickly create a peaceful atmosphere that envelops a large space. Vetiver furnishes the earthy base note in the following recipes, which are ready to fill your room with sweet, smoky fragrance. As you’ll see, it’s also woody with a hint of caramel.

Sunday Nap

3 drops Vetiver

3 drops Lavender

3 drops Sandalwood

2 drops Ylang Ylang

Deep Cleansing Breath

2 drops Vetiver

2 drops Lemon

1 drop Wintergreen

If you’re also looking for some topical Vetiver tips, apply directly to the bottoms of your feet as a reward shortly before bedtime. Have you had a long day of standing, or otherwise tiring your legs? Massage them with Vetiver for a soothing treat.

This vibrant tropical grass is an environmental superhero, thriving in difficult soil conditions where heavy metals are present and erosion threatens the land. The very dense, vertical roots that serve to stabilize the surrounding grass and soil can do the same for us. Let powerful dōTERRA Vetiver, sourced in Haiti, impart that strength and endurance to you.