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Down to Earth with Black Spruce

· Essential Oils
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Journey northward to a cold Canadian forest to get to know Black Spruce, a grounding and sweet member of the pine family. Long before the land was known as Canada, Native Americans used the natural gifts of the black spruce tree for its skin cleansing properties, among other things. This powerful essential oil is actually the steam-distilled product of needles and branches that are byproducts of the logging industry. Woodland caribou, which eat black spruce, should be especially grateful for this method of sourcing, as it takes many pounds of black spruce plant material to make just one bottle of Black Spruce oil! As always, environmental stewardship and resourcefulness characterize the way dōTERRA® does business, both around the world and in these beautiful Canadian forestlands.

Black Spruce essential oil is all at once aromatically green, fruity, and woody. It’s known for creating a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere, which is why it makes the perfect base for any balancing blend. Speaking of blends, the following two diffuser blends showcase the grounding and refreshing properties of Black Spruce!

Garden Refuge
3 drops Black Spruce
2 drops Bergamot
2 drops Geranium

Let the strong arms of Black Spruce make you feel safe within them, while the floral additions of Bergamot and Geranium create an enchanting getaway to calm the emotions.

Autumn Spice
3 drops Black Spruce
2 drops Cinnamon
2 drops Wild Orange

Everything we love about autumn is packaged together in this diffuser blend: the woody scent of the outdoors mixed with Cinnamon and citrus. Just like a walk in the forest, refreshingly oxygenated by towering trees all around, Black Spruce promotes feelings of clear, easy breathing.

Drink in the stress-reducing aroma of Black Spruce on its own or within a blend to soothe swirling emotions. Taking a cue from the Native Americans, use Black Spruce to provide soothing relief to the skin, especially when it comes to minor irritations. Go a bit deeper than the skin and let your muscles enjoy the comfort of a massage with Black Spruce after a challenging workout. Not only will your muscles feel renewed, you’ll also carry that refreshing forest scent with you to overpower less welcome post-workout odors.

Whether delivering relief to the skin or the emotions, Black Spruce brings its balancing effect to everything it touches and takes you on a deeply refreshing walk through the forest along the way. Harmonizing and invigorating, let Black Spruce bring you down to earth.