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Celebrate Summer Savory

· Essential Oils
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Among the host of dōTERRA® oils, Summer Savory is one of the few with a perfectly descriptive name that almost completely encapsulates its strongest qualities. Truly, the herb called summer savory enhances the flavor of savory dishes and carries all the warmth of a full-bodied summertime scent! What else really needs to be said about its aroma? Without too lengthy an introduction, we can head straight into some luscious diffuser blends that let Summer Savory shine.

What you’ll probably notice is that, rather than providing the main ingredient or stealing the spotlight in the following blends, Summer Savory actually acts as the finishing touch. Curious, isn’t it? Like a powerful ray from the sun, Summer Savory is unassuming in the way it kisses everything it touches with warmth – even with just one drop. Watch and see how this oil adds unique complexity to enchanting blends.

Grecian Garden

3-4 drops Lime

3-4 drops Grapefruit

1 drop Summer Savory

Summer Woodland

3 drops Cypress

2 drops Douglas Fir

1 drop Summer Savory

Summer savory thrives in the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea regions of Europe, where it has been cultivated for millennia and applied in a mind-boggling array of ways. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all considered the herb useful in the area of romance. Some medieval monasteries took special care to make sure this forbidden herb was never to be found growing in their monastery gardens! On a totally different note, it’s said that Roman soldiers used summer savory as a stand-in for salt when supplies were running low. Talk about a seriously wide variety of uses! The herb’s culinary applications are similar to oregano and thyme, which makes perfect sense in light of the fact they also share chemical similarities.

Today, you certainly won’t find any prohibitions against easy access to Summer Savory. While you can certainly do your own research and choose which applications appeal most to you, one easy starting point is using Summer Savory essential oil to promote a clean, healthy mouth and support good digestion. Better yet, use it to spice up a host of different dishes; this way, you can enjoy those health benefits to the max along with the savory flavor that gave the herb its name! Potential pairings for Summer Savory include beans, lamb, lentils, pizza, poultry, sauces, sausage, soup, stew, stuffing, vegetables, and more. Similar to the way we added Summer Savory to the above diffuser blends as a final delicate touch, this peppery oil should be added with a light touch and in a very small amount at the tail end of the food preparation process.

For a limited time in a limited market, Summer Savory is now available! But if you can’t currently snag it as a single oil in your part of the world, not to worry: this herbaceous summer-scented oil also exists nested within some blends. With Summer Savory, you can celebrate and savor summer all year long.